Time Slips, published by Northwestern University Press, named finalist for 2018 Lambda Literary Award in LGBTQ Studies!

Critical Acclaim for Time Slips:

"Time Slips opens a new chapter in performance history. Paying careful attention to a range of live queer performances, Pryor narrates in gorgeous detail the temporal ruptures opened by queer performance. Rather than lead these ruptures to a moment of closure, Pryor lets it all hang out and asks their readers to also experience these large and small slips of time. The results are stunning.” —Jack Halberstam

"How can we perform trauma? How do we represent erasure? Time Slips explores elusive yet consequential problems of a disappearing history with great critical insight and feeling, showing us how performance functions as an indispensable site of transformation and redress." —David L. Eng

"Pryor writes as an artist, an intellectual, and an activist who refuses divisions between theory and practice, life and art. With breathtaking eloquence and power, Time Slips demonstrates how we see, imagine, and renew our faith in the possible." —Jill Dolan