Course: Re-thinking Public Places, Re-purposing Everyday Objects, Re-imaging Social Change

In this course, students will explore the relationship between public art, ecological design, civic engagement, performance, material culture, technology, and social change. We will investigate the growing trend of designers and artists re-purposing everyday objects as raw materials to address complex issues related to consumerism, waste, transportation, and energy use. Students will collaborate with faculty, each other, and the local community in designing, creating, and testing a socially engaged public art piece. This project may take the form, for instance, of a vertical garden, redesigned bus stop, or spontaneous happening on campus, and incorporate elements of kinetic sculpture, digital art, performance, and/or solar powered LED lights. This is an interdisciplinary DART Program course; we welcome students with various interests and backgrounds and with all levels of experience in design, art, and technology, including beginners. We will discuss case studies; learn digital design and model making techniques, develop projects, and present final works to the Hampshire Community. Join us on a three-week journey
towards redesigning everyday objects, practicing creative risk-taking, and learning innovative processes for social change.