“Pryor is an artist who thinks big and works big, on a scale almost unseen here, using the city as a canvas for grand gestures and visions. The work, which I experienced last spring, has the feel of a waking dream, making the familiar unfamiliar, drenching the known in mystery and opening one to wonder and change.”

Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle


“Jaclyn Pryor, a community-based performance artist, has dazzled Austin for years with [their] beautifully profound and interactive installations.[...] Quite simply, for Pryor, life is art. But there’s no mistaking that [they’re] the masterpiece.”

Chantal Outon, L Style G Style Magazine


floodlines is, most of all, a gift to all of us who have been afraid to venture into the salt ocean of our familial, historical grief, for fear we would drown. Pryor swims for us, and throws a line from the other side.”

—Alyssa Harad, The Austin-American Statesman


“Move over, New York!”

—Texas Monthly Magazine


“You absolutely must go.”

Fayth Koga, NBC Chicago


“Wacky and wondrous.”

Katy Muldoon, The Portland Oregonian


“I felt my throat close with a kind of love and wonder [...] past these amazingly clear, utterly compelling images, tableaux that changed my relationship to my world. "

Jill Dolan, Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies



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