pink: a (love) courier service (2006-2009)

Photo credit: Fadi Skeiker.

Photo credit: Fadi Skeiker.

A real-live courier service meets performance installation. A vacant storefront is transformed into a factory site, open to the public for the purpose of composing love notes.  Messages are sorted and bottled on an assembly line, affixed with hand-stitched monogrammed tags, and delivered by bicycle throughout the city.  Recipients are invited to the factory to send another note. Over the course of several weeks, thousands of notes are distributed throughout Austin, Portland, and Chicago.

Commissioned by First Night Austin (2006). 

Underwritten by the Still Water Foundation (2006).

Presented in collaboration with Pedalpalooza bicycle festival, Portland (2007) and the Near Northwest Arts Council at St. Paul's Cathedral, Chicago (2008).

Commissioned by Art Alliance Austin on the steps of City Hallas part of Art City Austin, as pink [unplugged] (2009).

Subject of the documentary short, Love Delivered (2010).