Course: Introduction to Queer Studies

This course will provide an introduction to queer studies, queer theory, and LGBTQ+ social and political movements. We will track the emergence and developments of queer studies as an academic field of study, and its relation to debates in feminist theory, critical race theory, and postcolonial theory, as well as prior scholarship in lesbian and gay studies. We will begin by grounding our analysis in intersectionality and identity politics, emerging out of women of color feminisms. Over the course of the semester, we will read foundational texts in queer theory, and we will also examine queer cultural production—including film, experimental video and performance—as sites of resistance and critique. Topics covered include: heteronormativity and social theory; gender identity and transgender theory; trauma and violence; migration and diaspora; butch-femme sexualities; HIV/AIDS; archives and historical memory; queer temporalities; homonormativity; human rights; queer subcultures and world-making.