Course: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality (co-taught by Hoang Nguyen)

This core course provides an introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies for majors, minors, and concentrators at Bryn Mawr and Haverford. Our critical analysis of gender is alert to its intersections with other nodes of difference, including sexuality, race, class, nationality, and dis/ability. In our investigation of key issues in women’s and gender studies, we adopt an interdisciplinary humanities approach that encompasses sexuality studies, queer studies, disability studies, and critical race theory. The course is organized by a weekly keyword. Rather than arriving at a set definition of the keyword, we will explore the ways each keyword constitutes a productive site of discussion and debate in contemporary feminist, queer, and sexuality studies. We will augment our examination of the critical, theoretical texts with a novel, five films, as well as other creative case studies.